Why Support Private?

Why Support Private Colleges?

More than 70% of graduates from a private college or university in Iowa are more likely to stay in Iowa after they graduate to further their schooling or to begin working.

Plus, our 23 member schools:

  • Save Iowa taxpayers over $295 million annually by providing higher education to 40,000 students who, if they were attending public institutions, would receive taxpayer subsidies towards tuition costs.
  • Employ more than 10,000 Iowans.
  • Generate more than $1.8 billion in annual economic impact for the cities and towns across the state in which they reside.

Additional facts:

  • While ICF’s member schools enroll only 25% of the total undergraduate students in Iowa, they award 45% of all four-year degrees and 34% of all graduate degrees.
  • Only 1% of state dollars appropriated for higher education go to Iowa’s private colleges.
  • The average taxpayer cost per student at ICF’s colleges and universities is $2,001 while for Iowa’s public institutions it is $10,588.
  • A special bond often exists between Iowa’s private colleges and the communities in which they reside with 56% of their students participated in volunteer activities averaging eight hours per week.

Your gift invests in Iowa's future workforce

With more than 70% of the graduates from our member schools choosing their livelihoods and careers in Iowa, we are poised to meet the future internship and employment needs of our state and beyond.

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