Iowa College Foundation (ICF)

Our Mission

The primary purpose of the Iowa College Foundation (ICF) is to provide students the opportunity for an affordable, high-quality education by securing financial resources for our member private colleges and universities.

Legal Status

The Iowa College Foundation (ICF) was chartered by the State of lowa as a non-profit corporation. As a 501(c)(3)tax exempt organization, no payment of federal and state taxes is required. All contributions to ICF are tax-deductible up to the limits prescribed by law – Tax ID #: 42-0745995.


ICF’s 23 member colleges and universities are liberal arts schools that are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, have autonomous boards of control and derive their income primarily from private sources.

Board of Governors

ICF’s Board of Governors is composed of up to 35 corporate leaders across the state as well as the presidents from its 23 member institutions.

Funds Distribution

Funds are distributed semi-annually in December and June.

Operating Budget

The budget for ICF is submitted annually to the Board of Governors and, upon approval, is underwritten through assessments by the member colleges. The books are audited annually by the accounting firm of Denman and Company.

Solicitation of Funds

The presidents of member colleges, their development staffs, ICF board members and volunteers from business and industry present the united appeal of ICF each year to approximately 1,000 companies most of which are located in Iowa.

National Affiliation

The lowa College Foundation is one of 28 state and regional associations that are represented at the national level by the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) in Washington, D.C. The 28 associations represent nearly 600 independent colleges and universities in the United States.

Our Team

Your gift invests in Iowa's future workforce

With more than 70% of the graduates from our member schools choosing their livelihoods and careers in Iowa, we are poised to meet the future internship and employment needs of our state and beyond.

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