The Iowa College Foundation (ICF) Expands its Mission


The Iowa College Foundation (ICF) is in its 66th year of securing resources for its member schools and their students. This year ICF will expand its mission to be able to provide more benefits for its member schools, students and benefactors. These benefits, which are made possible through ICF's newly updated website, include the following:

Providing informative profile information of member schools for potential students

Visitors to ICF's website will be able to review succinct profiles of each of its 23 member schools that will include features and offerings that are special and/or unique for that particular school, most popular majors, student profile information, tuition/room & board costs, and financial assistance information such as the percentage of students who receive aid and the typical size of those packages. A potential student can then fill out a short form expressing their interest that will automatically be emailed to the respective school's Admissions Office for follow-up. 

Connecting students with ICF's corporate benefactors on behalf of internship and career opportunities

More than 70% of students from Iowa who attend one of ICF's member schools will stay in Iowa after they graduate as compared to only 30% of graduates from the three public universities in the state. This statistic coupled with the current worker shortage in Iowa has created an opportunity for ICF to help connect these students with its corporate benefactors. A company giving at a Partnership level of $1,000 or more will be able to post internship and career opportunities on ICF's website that will then be shared with students at its member schools. Students working in conjunction with Career Center staff members at their respective schools will be able to apply for these positions, securing meaningful internship and career opportunities while also helping Iowa based companies meet their internship/employee needs. 

Providing meaningful recognition for ICF's corporate benefactors

Companies have traditionally been included in ICF's printed Annual Report which is shared with almost 1,000 companies throughout the state as it secures resources as part of its 22 area campaigns. With it's newly enhanced website, ICF is poised to provide its 600+ corporate benefactors additional benefits via recognition on its website and the possibility of a special profile depending on the level of that company's support.