Iowa College Foundation

Innovative Programs

R.J. McElroy Student/Faculty Research Program
The R.J. McElroy Trust in Waterloo is awarding up to 20 grants for student/faculty research projects at selected ICF colleges and universities. This marks the 17th year that the McElroy Trust has sponsored this program. Under this research program, students develop close apprentice-mentor relationships with professors who often inspire them to pursue meaningful advanced study after college or professional opportunities in business, industry, education or government. Students and the sponsoring faculty share the outcomes of their research projects at an ICF-sponsored symposium each spring.

The studies funded by this program are truly remarkable. In one such study last year, titled Co-localization of Prohibitin and p53 after UV Radiation Treatment, results from the study deviated from the predicted outcome. Further research may result because the study made clear that understanding prohibitin's nuclear role could lead to vital information regarding breast cancer development and treatment. Another of last year's grant recipients studied an enzyme linked to ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). Surely R.J. McElroy never dreamt of the many ways his trust would impact the lives of not only the young people to which it is directed but also those who will benefit from their studies.